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What Dave's Clients Are Saying...

Robyn Wong, Olympic Mounatin Biker

In training with Dave I gained specific strength for both road cycling and mountain biking.  Dave kept gym sessions interesting, varied and extremely challenging which achieved some outstanding results.  Over 2 blocks of six weeks my 5 minute power output increased by 16%. 

I placed a huge amount of confidence in Dave’s knowledge of the body – he always ensured I had no weaknesses or muscle imbalances prior to strength sessions.  I learned some fantastic recovery techniques, stretches and exercises to assist with my weaknesses.  Dave is highly professional and I’d recommend him to any elite athlete wanting to push their body to its limit.

Robyn Wong represented New Zealand at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Robyn’s major achievements include 16th at the Athens Olympics, 14th at the World Marathon Mountain Biking Championships in 2003, world ranking of 22nd in 2004 and two times NZ National Series Champion.  She also competed at 6 World and 7 Oceania Mountain Bike Championships and represented New Zealand in road cycling.

Jo Clifford, Project Manager

Training with Dave Liow has unquestionably changed my life for the better and it has been a privilege to train with him. Dave is a true professional who really takes the time to listen and respond the needs of his clients. His knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication to both his clients and to his field are truly outstanding. Prior to training with Dave I was in constant pain with a shoulder injury which I had to been to several physios, chiropractors and doctors about over 4 years with no improvement and had received a referral to see the surgeon. I was also struggling with fatigue after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome 6 years earlier during which time I had to give up playing representative sport and gained 16kgs. I was pretty low and getting fed up with feeling tired and sore all the time and my inability to improve the situation and live the lifestyle I wanted (I had become a couch potato). I was also getting increasingly frustrated with the amount of conflicting advice I was receiving.

Dave with his holistic approach, incredible patience and expertise easily gained my trust and has effectively guided me through the process of ‘getting my life back’- the positive impact this has had on my life is immeasurable. Dave told me from the start that this would not be just a workout with him but that he looks at the ‘whole picture’ and he would help me make the lifestyle changes that would help me get where I wanted to be and he wasn’t wrong; he has provided me with support and advice on changing my work/life balance, nutrition, sleeping habits, ways to address fatigue, get rid of headaches the list is endless. Early on, I had several setbacks during which time Dave not only made more time for me and went over and above the call of duty but he kept me from losing motivation and focus- which given the space I was in I could easily have done.

Dave quickly diagnosed the cause of my shoulder pain which is no longer, I have dropped 12kgs, have more energy now than I can remember ever having, cope so much better with my busy work and life schedule and have noticed a big change in my motivation and attitude. I make time for myself now no matter how busy I am, I have learnt how to challenge and push myself again something I feel I had lost when I became unwell and have the confidence to go back and play my chosen sport (I am determined to play at representative level again) as well as take up new challenges. I honestly feel I can now achieve anything I set my mind to which is one fantastic place to be and not somewhere I can have imagined being 12 months ago.

Dave brings a huge amount of enthusiasm, energy and experience to his sessions. I am consistently and constantly challenged and he has enabled me to do things I was not able to do before (even when I was playing representative sport).  I now feel like I have ‘my life back’ and more and believe Dave has created a much happier, more energetic and motivated me. There are not words to articulate the esteem I hold Dave in and how highly I would recommend him.

Kyle Pontifax, NZ Hockey Goal Keeper

I have been training with Dave Liow for the last 8 years and as a result of this association I can say that I have met and exceeded all of my physical conditioning goals.

Being an International Hockey Goal keeper I have very individual conditioning requirements.  Dave understood these requirements and applied his immense knowledge to tailor a specific program to meet my conditioning requirements.

My key achievements during training include reaching the 2004 Athens Olympics, 2008 Beijing Olympics, 2006 Hockey world cup and many other international hockey tournaments.

Throughout this time I have maintained peak physical condition and managed to stay injury free. I attribute this to my technical knowledge and training ethic gained from training with Dave.
Working with Dave has been a total ground up approach to training covering nutrition, injury management, posture, training recovery, training techniques and many more.

With the heavy training load of an Olympic athlete often it becomes hard to motivate yourself for training. This has never been the case when training with Dave. I always look forward to these trainings even though I know it is going to hurt (in a good way).

I have trained with many of the country’s top conditioners and can recommend Dave as the pick of the bunch.

Robert Liberona, Planning & Performance Manager

I am a 49 year old who has been, over the past 20 years involved in competitive sports including; Multisport, Cycling, Marathons, Basketball and Underwater hockey. Over the years I have developed osteoarthritis in the right knee and I may need a knee replacement in the future. The injury had restricted movement and strength in the right leg which meant that I had to give up high impact sports.

I first met Dave Liow over a year ago and asked him to help me strengthen the right quadriceps muscle and assist me achieve some short terms goals. I had planned a big mountain bike ride in Kathmandu in later September 2008 and the injury was limiting my training and on a day to day basis I was experiencing sharp pains in the lateral compartment of the knee causing major issues with my quality of life.

As a result of the training and mentoring provided by Dave In the past year, I have regained considerable strength and flexibility in the injured leg, and pain is non existent. Working with Dave has allowed me to go through a journey of discovery. Dave takes a holistic approach to training and as well as working in the specific injury, he has helped me with other aspect of my life, including nutrition and stress management. He is a great motivator and has a tremendous array of knowledge about exercise prescription and rehabilitation.

I am confident that due to the training and rehabilitation work undertaken with Dave, I will fulfill my short term goals of cycling Kathmandu at the end of the year and delay the knee operation for some time.

Kate Horan, World Record Holder For 400m

I've been working with Dave Liow since 2003. We've worked on all aspects of core strength training, injury management, weight training, some aspects of nutrition and general training. Saying I've just worked on "training" with Dave really doesn't convey how much value Dave has added -not just through being an excellent trainer but through being incredibly supportive and motivating. Managing the stresses of the "training / life balance" is always a challenge and Dave's clear approach to prioritising and planning made a huge difference for me, he consistently helped to develop a plan to get me through it all.

As I head to my 2nd Paralympics (Beijing) I can say that Dave has enabled me to get the very best out of myself; in fact there's no doubt in my mind that without Dave I wouldn't have achieved nearly as much as I have – he's made that much difference.

> World record holder for 400m
> Gold in 400m (world record)
> Bronze in 200m at IWAS World Champs 2007
> Bronze in 200m at (IPC) World Champs 2006
> Silver medallist 100m Beijing

Deb Moore, Systems & Management Accountant

"I love feeling fit, I love the way you feel revived and ready for anything after a great workout. Unfortunately injuring my back meant it had been a while since I had felt this way. I had spent the better part of six years trying different options to get me back into shape with minimal pain, and was feeling like I had exhausted most avenues. That was when someone recommended I speak to Dave Liow. Well I have come leaps and bounds since then.

When I met Dave, I struggled to sit let alone exercise. Now, only six months later, I don't have constant pain, my strength has increased, and my mobility has improved enormously. I couldn't believe the way that Dave could create a level of intensity in my workouts without the usual pain factor, it was great to feel the burn again and walk out of the gym with an exhausted body. Dave's knowledge of the human body, how it works and his ability to decipher what I am trying to explain, then find the issue and treat it is fantastic! He has taught me that there is always an exercise that will work with no pain, and the biggest lesson, pain is an indicator of when to stop not something to work through.

Dave's holistic approach to healing is commendable; he doesn't just look at exercise but what nourishment your body requires to heal. He is a man who is passionate about healing and exercise and his enthusiasm, patience, knowledge, and ability to 'think outside the square' are such powerful tools. I look forward to our sessions every week, and love the workouts in between. Dave isn't a personal trainer - he is a healer, a coach, a motivator, and a nutritionist.  It really is a privilege to be able to work with such a knowledgeable man!"

Lousie Chan, Tae Kwon-Do 3rd Dan Black Belt

I first met Dave back in 2003 when I needed someone to help me prepare for my 1st dan black belt grading for Taekwon-Do.  Black belt gradings are two days long and designed to test both mental and physical strength so a good level of fitness along with finetuned technical abilities are critical to getting a good result.

Dave’s ‘no-nonsense’ approach kept me motivated and inspired to always do better, to become stronger, faster and fitter.  By the time the big weekend rolled round I was feeling confident that Dave had pushed my fitness and strength levels to their highest.  I graded for my 2nd dan in 2005 and to my 3rd dan in 2007.  Each time I have asked Dave to help me prepare.

Each time I have learnt more and more about how much my body can cope.  When my body is telling me “no”, I learnt to use my mind to push harder, go faster and not give up.   I’ve learnt that if you want something bad enough, and are prepared to make the commitment…you can make it happen. 

When you meet Dave, his passion for health and fitness rubs off on you.

He is an incredibly talented, knowledgeable, and dedicated trainer who has a strong focus on exercising correctly and efficiently to get results.

Anna Jacobson, Office Manager

I have had a lifelong general interest in fitness and health although I am not a sports person.  I first started training with Dave in 2001 after not having been to a gym for a few years.  I had made a decision to start exercising and moving more as I was in a sedentary job and gaining weight.  My posture was that of a typical office worker – rounded back with rounded shoulders; I also had low-level pain in my right shoulder, a stiff neck, lower back pain, pain in my joints and, if I sat for too long in a low seat, I found it difficult to stand upright as my hips would ‘lock up’.

Since beginning training with Dave, my body shape has changed; my weight is in the healthy range and rarely fluctuates.  I have an improved posture, better body awareness and have been given the tools and knowledge to address any neck and back pain problems if they arise.

Dave takes a holistic approach to training his clients and is not simply focused on “training for training’s sake”.  He is committed and dedicated; he improves and refines his knowledge by continually learning and is a great teacher.  Each of his training programmes is individually targeted and is specific to his client’s needs and abilities.  Dave not only helps me with my fitness but also offers guidance with nutrition, while motivating me to reach my long term health goals.  He introduces unexpected challenges into my training sessions and assesses my performance continually.  He has a knack of knowing exactly how many repetitions of a particularly hard exercise one can do and can extract “just that little bit extra” without loss of form.  My training integrates a wide range of information and education all based around a holistic approach to health, nutrition, core mobility, strength, stretching and life pattern movement.

In the last seven years, I have become more positive and self-confident and have surprised myself by learning so much more than I ever expected.  I have more enthusiasm for life than before, I feel more energised all day and it must show though.  I want to thank Dave for the information and advice he unselfishly gives.

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"Dave with his

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easily gained my

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"Dave takes a

holistic approach

to training and as

well as working in

the specific injury,

he has helped me

with other aspect

of my life, including

nutrition and stress


Robert Liberona