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High performance sports conditioning

Being a top level athlete is more than just about training hard. Anyone can train hard it’s about training smart!

Some Key Areas I Manage For Clients:

Training Intensity, rest between sets, and technique are not just details. Following a structured, logical, exact programme will give you the exact results you want.

Life Stressors If your body has to deal with a wide range of stressors outside of your training this impacts on how well your body can adapt to your training programme

Nutrition You need to run a racing car with high octane fuel. You need excellent building blocks for excellent tissue and performance.

Recovery Excellent training + poor recovery = fatigue and poor performance. Recovery is just as important as training.

Periodisation The body needs variety and stimulation to keep improving. Short term and long term plans need to be developed.

Life Balance A constantly competing mind and body soon gets fatigued. Life purpose, goals, and relationships need to be encompassed to make better athletes and better people.

Clients I Am Particularly Interested In Working With:

Golfers - I have enjoyed working with NZ Golf and now some of Australia’s promising golfers over the years.  Golf requires power, flexibility and absolute precision a unique combination

Throwers - 8 years working with professional throwing athletes taught me a lot about how to treat shoulders. Throwers generate power from their big toe, through their hips and abdominals, finally funnelling this force through the shoulder. Developing power through this sequence is a great challenge.

Impact & Combat Athletes - NZ is rugby mad. I’ve consulted to NZ Rugby and the International Rugby Academy over the years and worked with some great best amateur and professionals in the game. I’ve also enjoyed working with combat athletes MMA, wrestling, judo, karate, boxers and other styles.

Young Athletes - Do you have a young star in the making? Working with young athletes is so rewarding I would love the chance to help your son/daughter reach her full potential. I’ve taken on athletes from the age of 13 and worked with them through to getting scholarships, national titles and professional contracts in golf, netball, middle-distance running, swimming, tae kwon-do, and soccer.

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