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"Dave isn't a personal trainer - he is a healer, a coach, a motivator,

and a nutritionist. It really is a privilege to be able to work with such

a knowledgeable man!" - Deb Moore

I take a truly holistic approach to dealing with injuries. In my opinion, getting out of pain is just the first step. That takes you back to exactly where you were before you got your injury/illness. Im more interested in building reserves and sustainable practices that will take my clients out of pain and into long-term better living.

Key Elements Of My Approach Are:

Developing optimal recovery and rest strategies to aid the healing process and create energy. This includes most of the factors listed below...

Correcting Circadian Rhythms Your hormonal system is strongly influenced by light/dark cycles and your patterns of eating and exercise.

Optimal Nutrition & Hydration To Build Great Tissue I am a strong advocate of organic farming. I promote minimal use of supplementation. Nature has provided the food we need to thrive and survive.

Gaining Fitness & Strength While Avoiding Pain I will not accept that total rest is the best medicine. Our bodies are made to move. It’s about finding the right exercise/movement to build up the body.

Thought Process Your thoughts and focus have a huge impact on your stress levels and ultimately on how you heal. Focussing on the outcome you want and having a positive outlook will help you get the results you want as well as making you a better human being.