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Meet Dave Liow...

I’m originally from New Zealand.  After several visits to the Sunshine Coast myself and Jan (my wife) decided that we had found a slice of paradise that we wanted our family to live in. The climate, the relaxed vibe and the positivity from the people we met on the coast were amazing. We wanted an outdoor living for our two daughters - we love summer, barbeques and the beach. In 2009 we relocated from Wellington to the Sunshine Coast.

I’m doing the job that I dreamed of doing when I grew up.  Some kids wanted to be firemen or astronauts when they grew up.  Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been passionate about health, exercise and the way bodies move.  My mission is, and always has been, to inspire healthy lifestyle changes in others.  My childhood was all about sport.  After playing as much sport at school as I could possibly fit in I completed a post-graduate MPhEd (dist) at Otago University. I became a lecturer for Otago Polytechnic Occupational Therapy Department, then a senior lecturer in Exercise Rehabilitation and Resistance Training at Wellington Institute of Technology.

While teaching in higher education, I kept following my passion in sports training and became one of a few high level NZ Accredited Physical Conditioning providers to specifically work with high performance athletes.  This gave me the opportunity to work with so many world class athletes.

Some career highlights so far are:

  • Head trainer for the New Zealand Black Sox for two successful World Series campaigns
  • Head trainer and regional trainer for NZ Women’s and Men’s Hockey for several Commonwealth and Olympic Games
  • Head trainer for the NZ Titleist Men and Women’s Golf Academy for several Espirito Santo and Eisenhower Trophy Championship teams.
  • Trainer for numerous Commonwealth and Olympic athletes in athletics, basketball, through to swimming.
  • Regularly speaking at FitEx, Filex and inspiring positive change in businesses across Australia
  • Health coaching pop bands on international concert tours around the globe
  • Co-directing Kaizen Exercise Physiologists with Angela Jenkins to develop a world-class team of exercise physiologists

Over the years I have competed at an international level in soccer, volleyball and kayaking. I’m also an ex-title holder in Olympic-style wrestling and have coached and trained with NZ and now Australia’s top MMA fighters. To balance out my life I am also a tai chi and chi kung practitioner and practice the lifestyle that I recommend for my clients.

I always continued my work and study in exercise rehabilitation in and gained my CHEK III qualification in 2004 to help me do the best for my clients.  I am equally passionate about working in wellness and rehabilitation.  Over the last 20 years I’ve worked with many clients who have had strokes, head injuries, MS, joint replacements, chronic fatigue and chronic pain. I’m particularly fond of working with long term musculoskeletal injuries.  If you’ve seen everyone, you’ve got nowhere, and you absolutely want to get well you’re the sort of client I love working with.

"Ever since I can

remember, I’ve

always been

passionate about

health, exercise

and the way

bodies move."